Monday, 16 December 2013

Mumbai University Published notification for  Change in Marking system for FY B.Sc and SY B.Sc . This New Marking system has been accepted in the meeting of Academic Council held on 6th June 2012.
Below is the pattern of New Marking system for Mumbai University FY B.Sc and SY B.Sc 
External Admission 60%
Semester End Theory Assessment 60 % (60 Marks)
Duration ? These examinations shall be of two hours duration.
Theory question paper pattern :?  
1. There shall be four questions each of 15 marks. On each unit there will be one question &
fourth question will be based on entire syllabus.
2. All questions shall be compulsory with internal choice within the questions. Each
question will be of 30 marks with options.
3. Questions may be sub divided into sub questions as a, b, c, d & e, etc & the allocation of
marks depends on the weightage of the topic

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